Stampiamo etichette merceologiche per abbigliamento. Stampiamo etichette sublimatiche fronte e retro..
Etichette stampate, Etichette merceologiche, Etichette per abbigliamento, Etichette raso sublimatiche
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  • Etichetta abbigliamento Sublimatica
  • Etichetta_Sublimatica
2g Etichette

2G Etichette realizes layouts and prints labels with a sublimation process that makes labels highly resistant to all kinds of washing, such as dyeing, stone-washing, bleaching, and so on..


Compared to traditional printing, sublimation printing boasts the advantage that labels can be applied to clothes upstream in the production process, thus obviating the need for subsequent processing and related costs. Labels of various lengths and widths can be produced to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.


Before, this printing process could only be applied on the front of labels. Now, after extensive research and development, we are the only company offering sublimation printing on both the front and the back of customized labels, guaranteeing durability for all kinds of washing and lower costs than the much more expensive classic polyester production process. Additionally, all our labels are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified.