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Stampiamo etichette merceologiche per abbigliamento. Stampiamo etichette sublimatiche fronte e retro..
Etichette stampate, Etichette merceologiche, Etichette per abbigliamento, Etichette raso sublimatiche
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  • Etichetta per Maglieria
  • Etichetta per Maglieria
  • Etichette-per-Maglieria-Jeans
  • Etichette-per-Maglieria-Felpe
  • Etichette-per-Maglieria-camice
  • Etichette-per-Maglieria-Tshirt
2g Etichette

Strict rules govern the labelling of textile garments on the main international and national markets. Each garment must display its size, composition and care instructions.


All the label information, which may also include the brand and company name, is affixed to the garment by stitching so that it can withstand normal washing.


Knitwear labels can be printed on both the front and back of polyamide tape, or, for more precious garments, on polyester satin with anti-fray ultrasonic cutting.